1.Green Consumption

1. 绿色消费的概念在中国日渐流行

2. 中国推行绿色消费还存在许多困难

3. 如何解决这个问题

【范文】Green Consumption

The conception of green consumption has gradually become popular in China. More and more green foods are making their appearance on the market and more and more people are becoming conscious of environmental protection.

However, there still exist quite a few difficulties in the further promotion of green consumption. On the one hand, many people are still not quite clear of the advantages of green foods. On the other hand, due to high profits, many fake green foods are found in themarket. Moreover, many consumers don’t want to pay extra money for green foods.

There may be several ways to solve these problems. Firstly, the government should supervise the g ood quality strictly to protect consumers’ interests. Secondly, the conception of green consumption should be further promoted and emphasized. Thirdly, the government should work together with manufacturers to make the price more reasonable.

2 How to Reduce Stress




There is no denying that people suffer more stress from many aspects, including work, study and family. We strive for better education, decent jobs, and better housing. All these efforts produce tremendous stress.

Too much stress can lead to negative results. First, people may suffer from various physical problems, such as insomnia( sleeplessness), tiredness or pain. Second, people may undergo mental disorder, including irritability, depression and so on. Worst of all, some people commit suicide due to the unbearable stress.

Many steps can be taken to reduce stress. To begin with, a right attitude towards life and work is essential. Don’t be a workaholic, nor expect too much from life. In addition, share the stress with your families or friends. A proper outlet for stress will do you much good. Most important of all, enjoy whatever you do will make your life meaningful and fruitful.

3 A Letter to the Local Government

假如你是贾平, 一所大学的学生,你所在的学校深受附近一家工厂的污染之苦。你要写信给地方政府反映情况。内容包括:




December 15, 2013

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am a college student in this city. I am writing to you to complain about the

ever-increasing pollution around our campus. Because of the poor environment, many students have fallen ill. Many more lose interest in their study and after class activities. Several factories contribute to the serious situation. Firstly, the chemistry factory next to our campus emits disgusting smell, getting our students sick. To make matter worse, the food stands outside the campus produces waste, such as, plastic bags, disposable chopsticks. Left-over food on the ground.

I do think it is high time that our local government took some prompt and effective measures to stop the pollution. New technology should be introduced to the chemistry factory to help make the air clear. New regulations should be made to manage the food stand to avoid damaging the city.

Thanks for your time and effort for a cleaner environment for us.

Yours truly,

Jia Ping

4 Food Security




Nowadays people are getting more concerned about food security because of the disclosure of many serious food insecurity cases and group poisoning. Food security has become an urgent problem that no one can afford to ignore.

There are several reasons accounting for this problem. First, a lack of responsibility and a thirst for illegal gains drive many food manufacturers to disregard the quality of food. Second, food administration agencies are not effective in their monitoring of food industry. Still worse, the awareness of food security is badly in need of being enhanced.

As far as I’m concerned, I suggest prompt and effective measures be taken to tackle this problem. For one thing, our government should spare no efforts in the administration of food industry, as well as educating the public the awareness of food security. For another, stricter laws should be enforced to guarantee food quality. Only in this way can consumers feel at ease when purchasing food.

5 Are Showy Gates Important?

1. 部分大学花费巨资修建学校的校门;

2. 人们对赤巨资修校门有不同的看法;

3. 你的观点是......

Reports on the increasing number of colleges and universities spending millions of RMB to build tremendous gates are on the rise. This has attracted the public attention. Different people hold different opinions towards building showy gates. Some people think that we should not make a fuss over it since grand gates can give schools good images so to attract more brilliant students. However, others are firmly against it saying that money should be used to hire better professors and intellectuals to better manage teaching or to help students from poverty-stricken areas.

In my opinion, universities should be careful with limited funds. On the one hand, the prestige of a university lies not in the showing gate but in the quality of teaching. On the other hand, a university is a place where students acquire knowledge. The flashing gate will influence the academic atmosphere.

6 How to Live a Low-carbon Life




An increasing number of people are asking for a low-carbon lifestyle. They long for a cleaner and more environmental-friendly world.

People’s lifestyle is closed related to our living environment. However, the excessive carbon dioxide emitted into the air has seriously damaged our living environment. The tsunamis, floods and severe droughts caused by the global warming are the biggest threat to people all over the world. The earth seems to be angry with human beings.

The only way to solve the problem is to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide sent into the air. Many measures can be taken. First, people can ride bicycles or walk instead of driving cars to work. Second, less plastic shopping bags should be used. Most important of all, people should be fully aware that we should start now to protect our world before it is too late.

7 Utilitarian Course or Elementary Courses




Now at colleges and universities, there is a heated discussion on whether college education should pay more attention to utilitarian courses. Some people argue that with the competitive labor market, students should learn more practical knowledge and skills in order to survive.

However, there are others who hold different opinions. They believe that the basic courses will help students to develop such abilities as logic thinking, reasoning and

judgment. What’s more, basic courses will lay a solid foundation for students to develop their majors in the future.

As far I’m concerned, I strongly agree with the former that utilitarian courses should be given more attention so as to adjust college students to the needs of the job market.

8 The Moonlight Clan




The drastically changing society has left its mark on people’s way of living, particular on the young people. Some of them venture into a new life style: spending all their earning at the end of every month, for which they are referred to as the “Moonlight Clan”. Followers of this life style hold that it is a new fashion, which is full of thrill and

challenge. Besides, it will drive those “Moonlight Clan” people to work harder. However, many people, especially the conservative ones, object to it. They claim that without setting some money monthly, the “Moonlight Clan” people will inevitably run into trouble in times of difficulty. In addition, such an unsystematic way of life will mess up their future.

Taking both points into consideration, I prefer the latter. It is true that the “Moonlight Clan” people may enjoy something to their hearts’ desire for the time being. Nevertheless, its bad consequence will catch up with them in the long run.


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