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“ F ew things in life are as positive as food, or are taken as intimately and completely by the individual. One can listen to music, but the sound may enter in one ear and go out the other; one may listen to a lecture or conversation, and daydream about many other things; one may attend to matters of business, and one’s heart or interest may be altogether elsewhere …..In the matter of food and eating, however, one can hardly remain completely indifferent to what one is doing for long. How can one remain entirely indifferent to something which is going to enter one’s body and become part of oneself? How can one remain indifferent to something which will determine one’s physical strength and ultimately one’s spiritual and moral fiber and well-being? ”

-Kenneth Lo This is an easy question for a Chinese to ask, but a Westerner might find it difficult to answer. Many people in the West are gourmets and others are gluttons, but scattered among them also is a large number of people who are apparently pretty indifferent to what goes into their stomachs, and so do not regard food as having any ultimate moral effect on them. How, they might ask, could eating a hamburger or drinking Coca-Cola contribute anything to making you a saint or a sinner? For them, food is quite simply a fuel.

Kenneth Lo, however, expresses a point of view that is profoundly different and typically Chinese, deriving from thousands of years of tradition. The London restaurateur Fu Tong, for example, quotes no less an authority than Confucius ( the ancient sage known in Chinese as K ’ung-Fu-Tzu) with regard to the primal importance of food. Food, said the sage, is the first happiness. Fu Tong adds: “Food to my countrymen is one of the ecstasies of life, to be thought about in advance; to be smothered with loving care throughout its preparation; and to have time lavished on it in the final pleasure of eating.”

Lo observes that when Westerners go to a restaurant they ask for a good table, which means a good position from which to see and be seen. They are usually there to be entertained socially-and also, incidentally, to eat. When the Chinese go to a restaurant, however, they ask for a small room with plain walls where they cannot be seen except by the member of their own party, where jackets can come off and they can proceed with the serious business which brought them there. The Chinese intentions are both honorable and whole-hearted: to eat with a capital E.

Despite such a marked difference in attitudes towards what one consumes, there is no doubt that people in the West have come to regard the cuisine of China as something special. In fact, one can assert with some justice that Chinese food is, nowadays, the only truly international food. It is ubiquitous. Restaurants bedecked with dragons and delicate landscapes-serving such exotica as Dim Sin Gai (sweet and sour chicken), Shao Shing soup, Chiao- Tzu and Kuo –Tioh (northern style), and Ging Ai Kwar ( steamed aubergines )- have sprung up everywhere from Hong Kong to Honolulu to Huddersfield.

2 How did this come about? Certainly, a kind of Chinese food was exported to North America when many thousands of Chinese went there in the 19th century to work on such things as the U.S. railways. They settled on or near the west coast, where the famous- or infamous-“chop suey joints” grew up, with their rather inferior brand of Chinese cooking. The standard of the restaurants improved steadily in the United States, but Lo considers that the crucial factor in spreading this kind of food throughout the Western world was population pressure in Hong Kong, China, which sent families out all over the world to seek their fortunes in the opening of restaurants. He adds, however, that this could not have happened if the world had not been interested in what the Chinese had to cook and sell. He detects an increase in sensuality in the Western world: “Color, texture, movement, food, drink, and rock music- all these have become much more a part and parcel of the average person’s life than they have ever been. It is this increased sensuality and the desire for great freedom age-bound habits in the West, combined with the inherent sensual concept of Chinese food, always quick to satisfy the taste buds, that is at the root of the sudden and phenomenal spread of Chinese food throughout the length and breadth of the Western World.”

There is no doubt that the traditional high-quality Chinese meal is a serious matter, fastidiously prepared and fastidiously enjoyed. Indeed, the bringing tighter and initial cutting up and organizing of the materials is, according to Helen Burke, about 90% of the actual preparation, the cooking itself being only about 10%. This 10% is not, however, a simple matter. There are many possibilities to choose from; Kenneth Lo, for example, lists forty methods available for the heating of food, from chu or the art of boiling to such others as ts ’ang, a kind of stir-frying and braising, t ’a, deep frying in batter, and wei, burying food in hot solids such as charcoal, heated stones, sand, salt and lime.

The preparation is detailed, and the enjoyment must therefore match it. Thus, a proper Chinese meal can four hours and proceed almost like a religious ceremony. It is a shared experience for the participants, not a lonely chore, with its procession of planned and carefully contrived dishes, some elements designed to blend, others to contrast. Meat and fish, solids and soups, sweet and sour sauces, crisp and smooth textures, fresh and dried vegetables-all of these and more challenge the palate with their appropriate charms.

In a Chinese meal that has not been altered to conform to Western ideas of eating, everything is presented as a kind of buffet, the guest eating a little of this, a little of that. Individual portions as such are not provided. A properly planned dinner will include at least one fowl, one fish and one meat dish, and their presentation with appropriate vegetables is not just matter to taste but also a question of harmonious colors. The eye must be pleased as well as the palate; if not, then a certain essentially Chinese element is missing, an element that links this cuisine with that must typical and yet elusive concept Tao. Emily Hahn, an American who has lived and worked in China, has a great appreciation of both Chinese cooking and the “way ” that leads to morality and harmony. She insist that “there is moral excellence in good cooking, ” and adds that to the Chinese, traditionally, all life, all action, all knowledge are one.

3 They may be chopped up and given parts with labels, such as “cooking, ” “health ,” “character ” and the like, but none is in reality separate from others. The smooth harmonies and piquant contrasts in Chinese food are more than just the products of recipes and personal enterprise. They are an expression of basic assumption of life itself. (1200words)

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2. Write an outline bases on your reading.

3. Does each paragraph have a separate central idea? Give each paragraph topic sentence.

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chinese food culture Famous for its abundance and

own charms. Actually, Chinese dishes have earned world's fame. The Chinese eateries could be found everywhere throughout the world. Many foreigners regard having a Chinese meal as a high honor. Customs on eating Food between China and Western countries are totally different styles. China has 5000 years history. We probably spend half of time on food. Chinese people choice food very carefully. They only use fresh material to make food. For example they only eat fresh fish. Chinese have a lot of ideas and techniques for cooking. We can cook a chicken in over ten ways. That’s why Chinese food is so popular in the world. Western country like English or American, they don’t have fresh food because they buy their food from supermarket which only sells stored materials. Western people would also prefer fast food like burgers and chips. They are unhealthy to human body. Western people do not have many skills for cooking, mostly they only boil, steam and bake the food. By the way, western people are very good at making desert and chocolate. They can make very good cake and chocolate. They are very sweet but it’s sort of food which make you become fat quickly. In china if you invite people for meal, the person who invited other people


2013年 大作文--看图表:某高校大学生兼职情况 p184 第一段:数据图表引子: (图表类的引子万能句) college students ’ participation in part-time jobs .

1引子: 现象------Nowadays there is a phenomenon that (现象类引子的万能句)poor quality food, which is likely to put a negative and unfavorable impact on people’s health,is flooding into the market. Therefore (逻辑词), an increasing number of people worry that(一定要头开起来) such food will enjoy/bring great disadvantages on our life/to the modern market. (替代bad 这样的儿童语言)


Given is a simple but thought-provoking cartoon: an aged grandma sits in front of mirror, looking at “herself” in the mirror and saying to herself, “I feel rather lonely when my son goes to work and my grandson studies in school.”

今年试题英文部分的内容比较诡异,细看题目确实未要求描述图片信息,而是要求“作文基于图片信息,且以解释„网络对教育的影响开篇,阐述为什么教育不仅仅意味着学会如何获取信息。” 功能段落解析范文:


假设你叫王明,昨天收到了笔友David 的e-mail ,得知他不久要到北京来学习中文。
As the Sunny Sports is developing in our country, the government has paid attention to the health of the students and raised, "EXERCISE ONE HOUR A DAY, KEEP ILLNESS AWAY". So far our school life has changed a lot. Now we have more time to do sport in the morning or after school. We play football, basketball, badminton and swim. They let our brains relax and make our school life more colorful. We have become more energetic. Above all our study has all been improved.



Is it Better to Work in the big City?
On the other hand, working in the big city also has its disadvantages. With the increasing force competition of the society, people will have more stress living in it. For example, the increasing house price, product price, and the competition between the people in the same industry. But working in the small town will have less possibility to stand that kind of pressure. Their life will be more comfortable.



剑8 Test 1

However, learning to understand and share the value system of a whole society cannnot be achieved just in the home. Once a child goes to school they are entering a wider community where teachers and peers will have just as much influence as their parents do at home. At school, children will experience working and living with people from a whole variety of backgrounds from the wider society. This experience should teach them how to co-operate with each other and how to contribute to the life of their community.



52. Environmental experts point out that the increasing pollution not only causes serious problems such as global warming but also could threaten to end human life on our planet.环境学家指出:持续增加的污染不仅会导致像全球变暖这样严重的问题, 53. For the majority of people, reading or learning a new skill has become the focus of their lives and the source of their happiness and contentment after their retirement.对大多数人来讲,退休以后,阅读或学习一项新技术已成为他们生活的中心和快乐的来源。


课程名称: 人性 第一讲 院校中的爱与包容-----Vice President of Campus

This reminds me of our country ’s culture.Liu Yazhou is the current political commissar of the PLA National Defense University. Gen. Liu Yazhou said,“Today, all Chinese problems point system,all the problems of system point to the cultural system, and all cultural issues point to religion. Moral is culture. National character of the Chinese has many debatable topics and need improvement.Nationalism is moral. Religion determines the culture,the culture determines national character, and national character determines the fate of the nation.Let us analyze the example of anti-corruption.Punishing corruption can ’t eradicate the corruption. Establishing and improving the social system is a way, but the fundamental solution is solving the problems of culture. People have the desire,but people have to restrain their own desires,and they must control their desires on their own (not others).Chinese people do not restrain themselves, can not torture their souls, so they go to restrain others and torture others.It is painful for a man to flog and torture himself. Only one has faith all the time and has trust in eternal God can achieve it. I have said that the Chinese people is basically a nation without faith. No faith does not mean there is no form of faith. On the contrary,Chinese people believe in something complex, including qigong masters.Believing in many things exactly proves you believe in nothing.Chinese people do not
have the position of the eternal God in their mind,further more,they don’t pursuit the ultimate spirit of culture!

Love is the most important element in every person's life. Because of love people can be born; because of love,people can be brought up; because of love people can be attracted to each other and establish a family; because of love people can live in the world,and feel existence is meaningful.For the motivation of love, we promote the culture,we push the wheel of history,and we light fire of life. But which kind of love that makes us feel that life is worth it? Much so-called love is the only lust, just emotional. So we need to return to the source of true love. The Bible said a word other religions never spoke,“God is love.” Because God is holy, the love of God is holy;Because God is righteous, His love is righteous; Because God is goodness,His love is goodness; Because God is eternal,His love is permanent. If you really know the true God, and know this holiness, righteousness, goodness and eternal love, our lives must be different.The relationship between love and life absolutely can not be ignored .
Constantly looking for the truth is also the human nature and reflects the people will not be met from the material. Everyone has a hungry soul and he will not be satisfied until he rests in God's arms.
Thus,the reason why young people interested in biography is that
biography has more detailed and truly reported secrets of people once lived in this world than fiction,you like to read,and is it not just that you're looking for the way or the truth of man?Just because you did not find,you are looking for.In fact,everyone is looking for,Lao-tzu was being looking for,Confucius was being looking for,and Plato was being looking for.The Greek philosopher Plato once said: 'How to be like God is a great purpose of human life'.Where is the way they find?
However, Jesus was not a man who was looking for the way; Jesus is the answer of people who are looking for the way. Jesus said: "I am the way." If according to the Greek meaning, Jesus said:. " I'm the only way " Behold! Road here! Jesus answered,"I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”



1 new socialist countryside in the futurewith the efforts and support from the government in many aspects, a new socialist countryside will appearin china. there will be more new farmers with the basic knowledge of science and technology, laws andmanagement. many farming techniques will have been modernized. with the help of scientists, farmers will usethe latest technologies to increase agricultural production without harming the environment. as a result, the yearly income of the farmers will be increased and their housing conditions will be improved as well. people in the new countryside will enjoy a clean, tidy and orderly environment. besides, the government will provide freecompulsory education for rural kids and also perfect medical care system for farmers.as students, we should study hard to be well prepared for the future construction of the new socialist countryside, thus making our country more beautiful and powerful.2 one possible versionthe students of our school had a discussion about whether listening test in the national matriculation englishtest should be. kept or canceled. some students think that listening test should not be canceled. they insistlistening is among the four basic skills. we therefore can not ignore it. besides, listening is one of the importantchannels for us to get information from the outside world. $o it should be strengthened today when internationalcooperation is becoming more and more frequent. but others don' t agree. they think not everyone has to communicate with foreigners in the future. moreover, listening test is unfair to the students in the areas where radio signals cannot be picked up effectively. and for certain reasons, there is a big difference in teachers and equipment between the countryside and the city.a letter to high school students in jiangsu3 dear fellow students,our government is aiming to build a new socialist countryside . i think it is every citizen's duty to work hard to achieve this goal now, i’d like to tell you something about the programme.first of all, more water facilities will be installed to irrigate the farmland and allow rural residents to drink safe water. at the same time , road construction will continue with the goal of facilitating farmers' work.according to the programme, efforts will be made to expand the use of clean fuels such as marsh gas and solar energy in rural areas and the construction of the rural power network will be completed.we’ll find that the rural education conditions , public health care system and social security system willbe improved. rural residents will have more access to culture,too.i think our dream of a new socialist countryside will come true soon.dear fellow students, let's study hard now and try to use our knowledge to build our new socialist countryside in the near future4.dos and don’ts for the XX olympic volunteersit is reported that about 100,000 people will be chosen as volunteers for the XX olympic games in beijing.what should the volunteers do and what should they not do?
firstly, they should be polite and friendly to the athletes and visitors from all over the world, and avoidimproper behaviour. secondly, they should stick to their posts, offering good services, satisfying any reasonableneeds and being ready to help those in difficulty, and never fail to do theirduty. thirdly, they should introduce thechinese culture and history to foreigners so that they may know china better and never say or do anything thatharms the image of our motherland.if i have the honour to be chosen as a volunteer, besides the above, i will work hard and creatively, but neverbe lazy. i will follow the law and disciplining, but never break them. i will take the opportunity to make friendswith the athletes and visitors, and help make the XX olympic games a great success.5. one possible version:li hua and wang hai are two students of senior three. both of them work hard but they have differentlearning methods. li hua listens to her teachers attentively, trying to catch everything that the teachers say in class.besides, she often consults her teachers as often as possible if she has some problems. because of this, she spendsless time doing her homework, so it is certain that she can go to bed earlier and she always keeps energetic in theday. however, wang hai has quite a different way of learning. he likes to sit up late at night doing his homework,so he often feels sleepy in class. as a result, he misses lots of key points and it is usually takes him more time tofinish his homework, which makes it difficult for him to concentrate on what he is doing. in my opinion, li hualearns more effectively in class and has more free time to to enjoy herself. so i prefer her learning method.6. recently i made a survey of senior 3 students on physical training. only 35% of the surveyed students do sports.there are many reasons for this. half of the students say they have too much homework and have not enough timeto do exercise. 30% of them complain that they have no places where they can relax themselves and that there arenot enough training facilities. 10% feel that they live too far away from the places and some even don’t know howto take exercise. because of lack of physical activities, many students are in poor health. we should realize theimportance of taking exercise, and measures should be taken to improve the present situation. it would be greatlyappreciated that our government and social organizations as well could offer some financial aid.7. how to build an economized societyour government is aiming to build an economized society. it is everybody’s duty to work hard to achieve thisgoal including us students.recently, the statistics in the report of one certain school in two school terms suggests that the expenses ofelectricity, water and paper are surprisingly large and growing rapidly, which draws our attention.as a common member of society, we must keep the following points in our minds. firstly, make sure that thelights and all the other electric facilities are turned off when we finish our work and leave the room. secondly, tryto form the habit of turning off the tap after it is used and the wide water can be reused for more purposes beforebeing thrown into sewers. thirdly, save paper as much as possible in our everyday life. it is even better to reuse it.in a word, if we pay much attention to our everyday behavior and take actions to reduce waste, we can makecontributions to an economized society.8. sunshine physical educationthe “sunshine physical education” program, started by the ministry of education, requires students to do sports atleast one hour a day.due to heavy homework, most students, especially we middle school students, hardly have time to dophysical exercise. what’s more, pe classes are often cancelled. as a result, many of us are near-sighted and ourhealth is continuously declining.physical exercise will not only relax us but also help build our body. besides, it will give us a chance to cooperatewith others, thus forming a good habit of getting along with others.in my opinion, body building is important and necessary for us. however busy, we should spare some time totake exercise every day. only in this way can we be equal to our future jobs.9. dear sir,i am writing to you for the mobile phone of dephone-s250 i bought on 20th apr.XX at telemall in wuhan, p.r. china. ten days after that, it didn’t ring and send short messages. then i took it to the seller, but was told that the model had been sold out and i had to wait at least three months for a new one. later i went to the repairman. he said since it was a new model in china,it was impossible to fix it without the right spare parts.i was so desperate on hearing that.how can i wait that long?


Honesty is a virtue(诚信是一种美德)





0. 写作作业

With the development of science and technology, electronics has been playing an important role in our life. Especially in our age, the electronic product updates faster and faster. Do you know what will electronics be in the future? This article is short, and logic is strong. This article consists of four parts and each part has a subtitle which can make us better to learn about the meaning of article expression and the structure. The first part is the introduction of the overall, the second part is “Sensory Overload ”, the third part is “More Space Needed”, and the final part is “New Mobile Forms”. This theme is popular and so many people discuss it because science and technology are closely related to our life. I am aslo interested in the information about it. At the same time, the author compares present electronic products with future, stresses the prominent features and preponderance of electronics in five years.

1. 写作作业

学号:20120201146 向学生布置接下来的任务:Today we are going to discuss how to write a report on a Respecting Parents Programme for an English paper. 要求学生根据Pre-writing 过程中大家的讨论和教师的指导以及他们拟的提纲,尽快地把文章写出来。

2. 写作作业

J. F. Kennedy was the 35th President of the United States. He was born in Brooklyn, Massachusetts, in 1917. His father was Ambassador to England who was exposed to politics at an early age. Kennedy decided to enter the political arena and he ran for Congress from Massachusetts. He was elected to the Senate in 1953 with the term ended in 1960. Later, he was elected to President that same year at the age of 43, so he became the first Roman Catholic President and the youngest man ever to occupy the presidency. He had planned to run again in the 1964 election year. But unfortunately, he was assassinated on November 22, 1963, in Dallas, Texas. Though Kennedy served America for such a short time, he had inspired people all over the free world because of his youth, his spirit and his style.

3. 写作作业

While human capacity for language has a genetic basis,we were all born with the ability to acquire language, the details of any language system are not genetically transmitted, but instead have to be taught and learned.Language is passed on from one generation to the next through teaching and learning, rather than by instinct.1It was why we learn mother language so easy and perplex by foreign language.So the problem called language barrier always bothers a lot of people,We stayed at our country,lived with our culture,but have to learn a language used in a place where far away from you.We just used it at school,and when you back home,there was no reason to drop your mother language away. For example,the child did not need to learn a foreign language any more,because everyone used the same language in the world.So kids owned more time to learn other things which was more useful to them,so our educational level would be promoted .If one lose his way at a foreign country,he did not need to make a gesture to others or call the police,because he could talked with the local people and easily understand the guideboard.,so our journey can be more easy.This is just some examples about daily life ,and was only a small part that world language could bring you.At science ,culture and economic.,the elimination of language barriers could concentrate more human's wise and gave it better used. We communicate more with other countries, the relationships between us will be closer.The world could enter a new era by the world language.All of this seems so perfect,but the truth is cruel,it was really not a good idea.I can give several reasons to support my idea. The main challenge we have to faced was the difficulty about how we could create a worldwide used and accepted language .There was about 5 or 6 thousands languages around the world ,how complicated it was!