Unit 5 Our School Life仁爱英语我的学校生活教案

Unit 5 Our School Life仁爱英语我的学校生活教案

Unit 5 Our School Life

Topic 3 My school life is interesting

Section A 单位:隆古中学 授课人:雷保荣 tel:13839765262

Teaching objectives:

1. learn the nouns of the week and subjects.

2. Consolidate the usages of the present continuous tense

and the present simple tense.

3. Talk about the timetable.

Teaching procedure:

Step 1 Review

Review the present continuous tense by asking and answering between the teacher and students.

For example:

T:What are we doing now ?

S:We are having an English class.

T:What am I doing ?

S:You are reading a calendar.

Step 2 presentation

1. The teacher leads to “What day is it today ?”by

showing a calendar . Learn and master “today”, “Monday” ,”Tuesday” ,”Wednesday” and “Friday”.

2. Ask and answer between the teacher and students by

showing some pictures, “have a music lesson”, “have a P.E. lesson”, “have an art lesson”.

For example:

T:What day is it today ?

S:It’s Monday.

T:What class are they having?

S:They are having a music class.

T:What class do they have on Monday/Tuesday…..? S:We have English , math , art……

3. Let students listen to 1a and answer questions:

(1) What day is it today ?

(2) What class are they having ?

Step 3 consolidation

1. Let students listen to 1a again read after it ,imitating

the pronunciation and then act it out.

2. Let students make similar conversations according the


3. Check the answer.

Step 4 practice

1. Let students read the timetable in 2a carefully, and

then ask and answer the questions under the timetable

in pair.

For example :

T: How many lessons does he have every weekday ? S: He has six lessons every weekday .


2. Let students look at the timetable again and then ask

and answer as many as possible . Finish 2a.

For example:

T: When does Wen Wei have a music class ?

S: On Wednesday .

T: It’s 10:20 on Thursday morning now . What class is he having ?

S : He is having a math class .

3. Let students read the example in 3 ,and then make similar dialogs according to it in pairs. Finish 3 . Learn and master “learn”.

Step 5 Project

1. Ask students , “Are you satisfied with your timetable

in your school now ? How do you think to make it more reasonable ?” Let students make their own timetable in English and talk about it in pairs .

2. Write a passage about your school life .



你准备写一份倡议书,鼓励同学们积极参与“光盘行动”(clear your plate).

I went along to my nearest club in South London to find out. I was quite n__72__ at the beginning of the class, to be honest -- I wasn't interested in laughing with a group of strangers, and I was worried about looking foolish. Our laughter teacher told us to clap our hands and say "ho ho ho, ha ha ha," while looking at each other. However, our bodies can't tell the difference between fake laughter and real laughter. S__73__ they still produce the same healthy effects.


1.Green Consumption

Reports on the increasing number of colleges and universities spending millions of RMB to build tremendous gates are on the rise. This has attracted the public attention. Different people hold different opinions towards building showy gates. Some people think that we should not make a fuss over it since grand gates can give schools good images so to attract more brilliant students. However, others are firmly against it saying that money should be used to hire better professors and intellectuals to better manage teaching or to help students from poverty-stricken areas.


The way to success

What's more,to accomoplish our goal,we not only need hardwork,but also have some effective method.If you have a useful method ,you will feel it is more easier to achieve your dream. Therefore, If you want to make some success in your life , you have to firstly cultiviate kind of habit of diligence. All in all ,this is the only way to approch success which must be passed .


(一) My Favorite Pastime

In recent years, attitudes towards Spring Festival Gala have varied a lot. (提出一种社会现象) Some people take it for granted that it should be cancelled or replaced by other programs, while others such as the majority of mid-aged people and senior citizens uphold the importance of the traditional performance. (提出两种人对该社会现象的不同看法) As to me, I am in favor of the latter opinion.(做出自己的选择)提出观点段


The man thought about it for a moment, and then he beckoned to his family. They climbed into the car. They had no luggage, only the clothes they were wearing. Once they settled in, my father looked back over his shoulder and asked the children if Santa had found them yet. Three glum faces mutely gave him his answer. “Well, I didn’t think so,” my father said, winking at my mother, “because when I saw Santa this morning, he told me that he was having trouble finding all, and he asked me if he could leave your toys at my house. We'll just go get them before I take you to the bus stop.”


一、阅读中常见单词短语:according to article passage following

draw ride think go study play

4. 变词性:形容词变副词:good different lucky


How to retain high-calibre staff

than two years, they can change their position according to their own requirements. Indeed, it will inevitably produce a sense of dull and boring if in the same position for too long time. When high performers at new position, they will find work more challenging and trying to explore their potential. For Nortel, "rotation" provides the occupation development space in order to retain talents. And in the view of employees, in the process of switching positions, they can not only enjoy a "jump" of the fresh and fun, but also have a deeper understanding about their further career development. It can be said to achieve a win-win situation for both the company and the employees.

英语作文   confidence英语作文 confidence

自信, 成功的源泉. 有了自信, 你才会变得坚强. 有了自信, 你才会有机会的成功. 有了自信, 你的生活才会变得充实. 为了自己, 充满信心, 做一个有目标有自信的人,在忙碌中去能感受太阳的温馨,生活的七彩光环,自信能让人体验出人生的内涵。



¡¡¡¡Today I came back from a place named "he chuan", it's a good place. There has some nice view like chang jiang river. I came there in two days ago. Our aunt is here. We had a good time in there. But I also write English dairy too. Because of the wrong computer, the message didn't here. I wish myself to live more better tomorrow. ¡¡¡¡July 6th Tuesday cloudy;


The definition of euthanasia is incurable patient himself or his relatives -in law get the doctor's permit to terminate the patient's treatment.

While other people are skeptical of this advantages in euthanasia.They think the disadvantages far outweigh advantages.For instance,the morality will be affected.It creates the chances for those who want to flee from the responsibility of taking care of the patient.Those who disagree with euthanasia,considering medicine technology is developing and no one can sure the disease that can't cure today doesn't have the possibility of good treatment in the future.


• 1. it must be pointed out that it is one of our basic state policies to control population growth while raising the quality of the population. 一定要指出的是国家基本政策之一是在提高人口质量的同时控制人口增长。
)(45)protecting endangered species saves a part of nature for our children and grandchildren to enjoy.(46)protecting endangered species helps protect sustainable economies and a good quality of life. endangered species of fish, wildlife and plants are of ecological, educational, historical, recreational and scientific value to the nations and their people.(47)all of the living creatures, including humans, are part of a complex, delicately balanced network called the biosphere. (48)no creature exists in isolation. the removal of a single species can set off a chain reaction affecting many others.(49)it is estimated that about 12,000 tibetan antelopes are killed each year. if this trend continues, this species will be extinct in two decades.(50)a healthy environment for wildlife contributes to healthy environment for people, today and tomorrow.(二)社会生活问题1.好词(1)population explosion/baby boom (2)population census(3)birth/death rate (4)family planning(5)suicide bombing (6)dropout students(7)eliminate illiteracy (8)help those in distress and aid those in peril (9)poverty-stricken areas (10)remote and mountain areas(11)shake off poverty and set out on a road to prosperity(12)brain drain (13)corruption phenomenon(14)offer and take bribes (15)embezzle pubic funds(16)counterfeit certificates (17)counterfeit currency/id card(18)credit card fraud (19)fake commodities(20)vending machine (21)generation gap(22)couch potato (23)keep a concubine/mistress(24)casino/gambling (25)go on a diet(26)well-balanced meals(27)enjoy banquets using public funds (28)bad construction projects(29)suspend/discontinue a project(30)welfare-oriented public housing distribution system(31)high-rise apartment building(32)down payment (by monthly installments)(33)juvenile delinquency (34)laid-off workers(35)trial-period(36)on-the-job training/professional training(37)reemployment project (38)u.n. security council(39)government-funded personnel studying abroad(40)racial/sex discrimination (41)traffic jam/road congestion(42)drunk driving (43)violation of traffic regulations(44)hit-and-run accident (45)rush/peak hour(46)security personnel (47)spokesman for news release(48)press conference (49)globalization(50)intellectual property right (51)infringement on the patent right(52)bid for the olympic games (53)sports lottery(54)live broadcast (55)frozen food(56)preservation of cultural relics (57)change from temporary to regular worker(58)body-building exercises (59)bungee jumping(60)permanent residence certificate (61)euthanasia(62)drug addition (63)aids disease(64)campus violence (65)child abuse(66)kidnap/blackmail2.佳句(1)more and more people come to realize the importance of regular physical exercise.(2)we must struggle against our own laziness and stay with our training, rain or shine.(风雨无阻)(3)maintaining our health is very important. no one should trifle with his health. (4)physical exercise increases the appetite and favors digestion. it increases the circulation of the blood. physical exercise can develop one’s self-confidence, judgment, and a strong will.(5)early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise. (benjamin franklin)(6)a sound mind is in a sound body.(7)taking part in sports and games will keep us fit and healthy.(8)proper sports activities help us strengthen our physical body and build our sense of competition and cooperation.(9)research shows that getting plenty of exercise makes heart beat faster and lung work harder, thus strengthening the heart and reducing the chance of heart attack, and helping to lower blood pressure.(10)for those who work with their brains most of the day, the practice of sport is especially useful.(11)once a habit is formed, it is difficult and sometimes impossible to shake it off.(12)it is easier to fall into bad habits than to get into good ones.(13)many successful men declare that they own much of their prosperity to the formation of certain good habits in early life, such as punctuality, early rising, honesty, and thoroughness.(14)the eating habits of chinese people have changed dramatically in the past decade.(15)people begin to eat less grain, but more fruit and vegetables. fresh fruit and vegetables are rich in carbohydrate(碳水化合物), vitamins and minerals.(16)people now pay much attention to nutrition, so they choose to eat meat and drink milk.(17)fish and chicken contain more protein and less fat.(18)the issue of re-employment is of vital importance to the country’s reform, development and stability.(19)some statistics indicate that trained workers are three times as likely to be re-employed as those who haven’t participated in any training programs.(20)a re-employment-oriented training network should be formed immediately to cover as many laid-off workers as possible to enhance their abilities to face challenges.(21)its no shame to earn bread with one’s own hands no matter what kind of work he does, but it’s a disgrace to idle along with folded arms and wait until financial aid arrives.(22)china is undergoing a period of transition from a socialist planned economy to a socialist market economy.(23)the government is supposed to issue more beneficial policies to help the lay-offs out of difficulty.(24)everyone desires and pursues happiness. but happiness means different things to different people.(25)i’ll be happy if i can realize my value in my future career and make some contribution to the development of our country. (26)happiness also means being on good term with my colleagues and friends.(27)the only ones who will be really happy are those who will have sought and found how to serve the people.(28)happiness lies first of all in health.(29)happiness is always abounded from hard work. (30)happiness consists in contentment.(31)every generation has its own view of life and value system, which results from its living circumstances.(32)as long as different generations can understand each other and avoid foisting their own views and values on others, there will be fewer conflicts and more harmony between the generations.(33)the old assume that they know best, but it is only a matter of experience.(34)the young know how to enjoy work and leisure and not to be inhibited.(约束)(35)children often complain that their parents cannot understand them, while parents feel sorry that their children seldom show them proper respect and obedience.(36)children should respect their parents and be aware that what their parents do is for their good.(37)as reformation goes deeper in china, civil servants no longer have “iron rice bowls” as they used to have in many places.(38)whatever we do, we should do in our power.(尽力而为)(39)to make a wise choice of occupations, two important things should be taken into consid-eration. one is the interest, the other, the demand of the people and society.(40)it is definitely true that behind every daily activity lies a motive. as a matter of fact, we can achieve nothing without a realistic goal. (41)everybody should have a goal in his life, because aimless life wastes our energy and time.(42)whatever goal you might have, the primarily important thing you should have in life is health.(43)it is universally true that everyone needs good health. with our society becoming more competitive, it is important to stay healthy.(44)for one thing, people with good health can do work with full energy and their excellence in work in turn contributes to their health and happiness. for another, an unhealthy person is seldom able to show interest in everything around him and therefore he loses many opportunities to achieve success.(45)generally speaking, those who have good motives do their duties well. for example, parents work hard from early morning till late at night because they want to support their families. students study diligently either to rank top in their class or to be prepared for their future success. (46)on the other hand, people do things evil because they have evil goals. for instance, the motive for getting money without hard work makes a pickpocket steal a purse. to fulfill his evil desire, a robber grab others’ belongings, and a murderer can kill an innocent person. these wicked motives are the kind that people need to get rid of because they hurt others.(47)it is often easier to have ideals than to carry them out.(48)effort and persistence are necessary for the realization of ideals.(49)once the goal is determined, we must create opportunities to reach it. work hard and be patient after your goal is set. try your best to make your life happen in the way you wish to see it. it is those who set the right goal and stick to it long enough will finally achieve it.(50)living without an aim is like sailing without a compass. when ideals are gone you may still exist, but you have ceased to live.(虽生犹死) 高考英语作文常用写作句式句型汇总一.开头用语: 良好的开端等于成功的一半.在写作文时,通常以最简单也最常用的方式---开门见山法。


Summer Holiday Part-time Job During the summer holiday of 2005, I thought I should do something meaningful instead of staying at home and watching TV. So I got a job at a KFC fast food restaurant and worked there as a cleaner. Every day I went to work early in the morning and got home late in the evening. I worked 7 hours a day for three weeks.

[3] However, most teachers think middle school students are not old enough to control themselves. It is a waste of time for students to play games and send messages to each other by mobile phone. And it’s easy to cause