Unit 5 Our School Life仁爱英语我的学校生活教案

Unit 5 Our School Life

Topic 3 My school life is interesting

Section A 单位:隆古中学 授课人:雷保荣 tel:13839765262

Teaching objectives:

1. learn the nouns of the week and subjects.

2. Consolidate the usages of the present continuous tense

and the present simple tense.

3. Talk about the timetable.

Teaching procedure:

Step 1 Review

Review the present continuous tense by asking and answering between the teacher and students.

For example:

T:What are we doing now ?

S:We are having an English class.

T:What am I doing ?

S:You are reading a calendar.

Step 2 presentation

1. The teacher leads to “What day is it today ?”by

showing a calendar . Learn and master “today”, “Monday” ,”Tuesday” ,”Wednesday” and “Friday”.

2. Ask and answer between the teacher and students by

showing some pictures, “have a music lesson”, “have a P.E. lesson”, “have an art lesson”.

For example:

T:What day is it today ?

S:It’s Monday.

T:What class are they having?

S:They are having a music class.

T:What class do they have on Monday/Tuesday…..? S:We have English , math , art……

3. Let students listen to 1a and answer questions:

(1) What day is it today ?

(2) What class are they having ?

Step 3 consolidation

1. Let students listen to 1a again read after it ,imitating

the pronunciation and then act it out.

2. Let students make similar conversations according the


3. Check the answer.

Step 4 practice

1. Let students read the timetable in 2a carefully, and

then ask and answer the questions under the timetable

in pair.

For example :

T: How many lessons does he have every weekday ? S: He has six lessons every weekday .


2. Let students look at the timetable again and then ask

and answer as many as possible . Finish 2a.

For example:

T: When does Wen Wei have a music class ?

S: On Wednesday .

T: It’s 10:20 on Thursday morning now . What class is he having ?

S : He is having a math class .

3. Let students read the example in 3 ,and then make similar dialogs according to it in pairs. Finish 3 . Learn and master “learn”.

Step 5 Project

1. Ask students , “Are you satisfied with your timetable

in your school now ? How do you think to make it more reasonable ?” Let students make their own timetable in English and talk about it in pairs .

2. Write a passage about your school life .






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